About Us


Hello! Welcome to June Tailored!

I’m Andrea, the crafter.

Crafting has been a grounding hobby for me, and I’ve always wanted to become a silversmith.

Since I can remember, stones have been precious to me, even the not so pretty ones.

As a kid I used to travel to places without souvenir shops a lot, through the years I have gathered a vast amount of gemstones as the memory of the place my family visited.

I decided to open the store as I figured there has to be more people like me that would like something made with the souvenir they found, for example a necklace or bracelet.

I am a self-taught silversmith and still learning the ring making ways. I added the raw elements: stones and crystals to the works and quite liked the way it spoke to me.

If you would like something tailored made, for example: you would love to have a seashell mounted on a stack ring, or a raw stone set, contact me, and we can figure out how to bring your imagination to life…just like Disney, but for grownups!

Please browse the shop catalogue to see if there is something that intrigues you or that sparks an idea.



I was ecstatic to receive my gear lever skull, it by far exceeded my expectations. This after only what I described over a telephone to Andrea. She did her research and promptly presented me with a few photos of ideas. And in a matter of days delivered my masterpiece. I now posses a one of a kind, hand crafted gear knob skull, to the envy of my friends. Thank you Andrea.


If you are looking for handcrafted custom-made jewelry, June Tailored is the way to go. Not only is each piece made specially for you, she shows love and adoration for the jewelry June makes. I am especially in love with my tortoise, shell necklace and the hand made ring!


I ordered a ring from Andrea for myself. I received my order from her in merely 2 days. I was impressed with the lead time to say the least! If she commits, that is the time frame you get. Not to get started on the quality that I received, to say the least, I was astonished! I love the ring and I will continue to show of my custom made piece. Thank you very much again for the fast, reliable and quality assistance. It definitely cannot go unnoticed!